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Creatives - How do I advertise Lost in Summer?

Advertising Media Options

1) Banners and Display Ads

Choose from a selection of click strong and diverse advertising media. It is important that you choose a banner that fits your target audience. For example a banner for women's dresses will only achieve minor success on a website frequently visited by men.

Besides the selection of an appropriate banner, size and location are also considerable factors. Choose a format that directly attracts people and display it in a clearly visible position on your website. Our experience has shown that skyscraper (160x600) and medium rectangle (300x250) are the best performing size adverts.

 Example of Full Banner: - The official Ibiza online shop

2) Textlinks and Social Media

Use short, distinctive text links that encourage your users to click and spark their interest in buying. Here are a few examples:

Buy Ibiza Rocks at!

Discover the new Ushuaia – 2014 Collection here!

Have you seen Guetta’s new t-shirt?

How do I create an individual text link?

You want to quickly and easily implement your own ideas for links and text links? Then use the text link generator, which can be found in the promotional tools section. You are able to link to brands, categories and individual products on the LostinSummer shop! The visitors of your website or Social Media page then land directly on the specified page. 

Remember: The more concrete the offer, the more interesting it is for the users and the more likely they are to purchase.


3) Newsletters

Similar to the Text Links sending targeted product links with Special Offers to your mailing list entices your audience to click through to the product page directly armed with a discount - this should tempt them to buy. We can create personalised art and coupons specifically for your users. 


4) Product data - your own Ibiza shop!

NEW! We have just launched our new Product Feed option whereby you can import all of our products into your own website and create a store of your own.

If you want to use specific product information in addition to brands, categories and the homepage, then you can use our comprehensive product data feed. The integration is simple and promises a high level of customer response.

Integrate our extensive product information and arouse the customer’s interest in buying by providing detailed product information as if you have your own Ibiza shop but without the hassle of dealing with storage and returns.

Take advantage of the additional information provided with product characteristics such as material, color, description, sizing, etc which are available for a comprehensive product presentation.

The product and category feeds provide data to your site via XML which allows a completely customisable look and feel. Consult your webmaster about consuming XML feeds.


Full Service

If you are in need of specialised or personalised banners, other promotional materials or unique content for your individual website such as discount vouchers, coupons or artwork - please get in contact with us at


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OverviewHow it works Commission & Payment Ad Selection FAQ