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diciembre 08, 2020 2 min read

What is Lost In Summer?

Hey! We are Lost In Summer, jetsetters, club music lovers, sunset watchers and all night dancers. We create T-shirts that put a smile on your face and pulls at the heart strings as the wave of nostalgia rolls over you. We have range of licensed and own brand apparel and merchandise available. Lost In Summer have 30+ brands and the number is always growing. We always creating and bringing the best nostalgic designs for you.
While indulging in enjoyable recollection of summer in Ibiza, Lost in Summer was founded. It was founded for like minded people in 2012 London, UK when you couldn't get all your memories of summer packed in the suitcase.
That is how first e-commerce shop of Ibiza was born. You can get like Ibiza Rocks, Amnesia or Space merchandise delivered to your door.

Why Lost In Summer?

It’s all about THAT feeling… stepping off the plane, that heat hits you, straight to the beach, mojito, sunset, party… if you capture this essence – that feeling is Lost in Summer.
If you belong in the most exclusive summer locales then you know that Summer feeling, it gives you energy to get from the beach to pool party to the bar to the club to the after… and repeat.
The jetsetting party elite from Ibiza to Saint Tropez know the dresscode is upscale summer vibes with a dash of tourist chic so that people know where you’ve been. 

New destinations added 2020.

Lost In Summer is growing and expanding. In 2020 we have added more destinations, like Miami, St Tropez and we are will not stop here. So if you are looking for St Tropez T-shirt, Miami 305 club T-shirt or MIA gift you are in the right place. Start Shopping. We ship worldwide.
Only those in the know know The only cure for the Summer Blues is shopping at Lost in Summer.