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Zoo Project

Zoo Project Black Tiger Men's T-Shirt


Bring out the tiger in you. Tiger t-shirt by Zoo Project Ibiza.

  • Made of quality 100% cotton
  • Regular fit
  • Crew neck
  • Large print to the chest
  • Logo on top of back
  • Short length sleeves

About Zoo Project

Every Saturday thousands of Ibiza party-animals scurry up to Gala Nights dressed in an array of animalistic themes with fancy-dress, body paint, and barely anything else. The reason: Zoo Project, a unique entity in the Ibiza club scene, this day party builds the theme from the setting, the dancers as well as its clientele, so expect to party amongst break-dancing zebras in the Seal Pit! Zoo You fashion captures the wild spirit of Ibiza’s Zoo Project fusing inspiration from the coolness of Zoo Project and the Berlin Underground to create a truly unique collection.